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Find out how our Direct Mail services can save you time and money…

From small quantities of simple letters, straight forward mailshots, postcards and self-mailers to bulk mail and complex fulfilment with variable personalisation throughout, Swift Print & Mail help you deliver more for less.

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Our print services combine technology with expertise…

Digital printing is more than just about speed and cost effectiveness. Printing digitally enables you to personalise every item, not just text, but combinations of text, images and graphics.

Direct Mail

At Swift Print & Mail, we specialise in the production and distribution of Direct Mail and have spent years building our knowledge of what makes a successful direct mail campaign. Our ability to produce and distribute mailings means that we are in a strong position to advise on areas where your costs can be reduced.


We regularly work to tight deadlines and are well versed in facilitating mailings to meet your timescales.


We can handle most mailings, from one piece mailers to complex and high-quality mailing projects. Using the latest technology, we can enclose up to eight items into DL, C5 or C4 envelopes,

International Direct Mail

Swift Print & Mail specialise in both international direct mail and domestic mailings for international businesses. When sending international mail, whether you are a UK business or not, cost is always a factor. We assist you in achieving maximum impact whilst minimising cost. We achieve this through using trusted distribution partners that offer us preferential rates and quicker delivery times. We then pass these benefits onto you.


For UK businesses that require international mailings, we provide a cost effective and streamlined process as opposed to the more rigid processes at mainstream postal services. By using us for international direct mail, you could save on the valuable commodities of both time and money. Typically, delivery times can vary from up to 3-15 days but we prioritise our international mailings using a premium service to deliver between 3-5 days.

Mail Sorting

Mail sorting refers to the sortation methods we use in order to comply with the requirements of postal providers within the UK. By adhering to these requirements, we receive discounts in postage which are then passed onto you.

Envelope Enclosing


We can insert materials from 80gsm paper to items 14mm thick and sizes from a business card to an A4 booklet or sheet of paper.

  • Booklets
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Letters
  • Personalised items
  • shaped items
  • BRE’s (Business Reply envelopes)
  • Carriers
  • Response mechanisms



We can enclose into the following size envelopes by machine

  • C4
  • C5
  • DL
  • C6
  • Square envelopes

We operate a number of different machines that use the latest enclosing technology. For example, our fast inserting machine uses both stream feeders and rotary feeders to increase flexibility. We also operate several multi pick inserting machines as well as equipment designed specifically for financial mailings which handle the variances in numbers of sheets and different inserts. Some of our inserting lines are also fully capable of booklet inserting.

You may be surprised when you learn what can be done by machine, give us a call or email for further information.

Postage Discounts

There are many ways to post or transport your mail and each method can qualify to receive discounts based on criteria imposed by the carrier or postal service. Swift Print & Mail specialise in receiving the best discounts possible which are then passed onto you. This benefits you by reducing the overall cost of your mailing, reaching the same people for a discounted price.

Hand inserting

We regularly undertake hand inserting orders where the items being inserted can’t be enclosed by machine.  It’s also possible to hand match multiple personalised items within this process whilst still being able to control and maintain mail sorting. This enables us to achieve the very best postage discounts.

swift print

From high quality digital and litho printing technology at the best price and in a timescale that meets your needs

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Swift Print & Mail also offer their clients a data cleansing service, which will include de-duping, if requested

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